Shoulder Injury

As  shoulder specialist Tony sees Shoulder pain as one of the most common musculoskeletal problems in the human body after Back pain. Millions  of pounds are lost in the UK each year to sickness and time off work due to shoulder pain. Our Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic is lucky enough to have its own dedicated shoulder specialist who is able to assess diagnose and treat your problem. Tony Gill is not only a shoulder specialist but also a qualified diagnostic ultrasonographer and injection therapist. This means as well as this specialist service our Bristol Physio Clinic has onsite diagnostic ultrasound, guided ultrasound injections and excellent links to all the top shoulder specialist surgeons in Bristol to fast-track your care if appropriate.

While all musculoskeletal physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat shoulders, if your rehabilitation is not working then you may require a more specialist approach. Shoulders are highly complex due to their mobility and the huge forces that are placed through the arm. Think about a “dog ball thrower” and how powerful this makes the throw. Your arm is a bigger lever than the thrower. It is not surprising it requires significant stability to perform.  

Below is a list of common problems you will find specific information about in Tony Gill’s blogs available for free on this website. They are written in easy to understand language and as a specialist, they contain the appropriate information to help you understand how to start helping yourself. 

Common problems include;

Shoulder Impingement and Sub-Acromial pain

Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis

Rotator Cuff tear

Shoulder Instability/ Dislocation

Acromio-Clavicular shoulder pain and dysfunction


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