Oakfield Road, Clifton

Clifton - Oakfield Road

Oakfield Road is our main headquarters with 3 treatment rooms, practice manager's office and our reception team. All of our calls and emails come through to this location. All of our team work here through the week and we have some gym facilities here too! Our Clifton physio premises is our flagship location and we have been here for several years now offering Physiotherapy services in Clifton. The site enjoys links into the city and is only a short walk from amenities.

The practice is based in the bottom basement floor, to the right of Courtyard House.There are two car parking spaces directly in front on the gates or plenty of on road parking, which is free after 5pm. 

We are down some steps from the front - there is a flat entrance around the side of the building. Please note there is a small step to access the front door and you may need assistance if on crutches, using a wheelchair or have a pram. Please call ahead if you may need assistance or advice on access. 

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Oakfield Road is located between Pembroke Road and Whiteladies Road in Clifton - the road entrance is almost directly opposite the big BBC building. We are partnered with Oakfields PT which allows us access to a great gym facility and a group of fantastic personal trainers. 

Our work station assessments are also booked from this location - allowing us access to a lot of offices and businesses!

This location also exclusively boasts our ultrasound diagnosis, private prescription, guided injection and shockwave therapy services, please see here to find out more about these.

Tony is also exclusively based at Oakfield Road Bristol, out of our 4 locations; he also works for the NHS and Jujitsu Foundation.  

Clinics run 8am to 9pm most week days out of Clifton. 

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