Private Prescription

Private Prescription Service

Prescription services are offered
through Tony Gill - lead clinician
for Bristol Physio.

Physiotherapists who have additional prescribing annotations to their HCPC registration may prescribe all licensed medicines.

Tony is a registered Non-Medical Prescriber (NMP) and this allows him to prescribe medication within his area of practice across the U.K. This not only offers a valuable resource to patients but also reduces the GP burden.


Tony Gill is happy to assess and discuss if medication is appropriate for you. Prescription will always be part of a treatment plan to help manage symptoms and prevent recurrences.

Analgesia of varying strengths,
muscle relaxants and non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
can all be prescribed.

muscle Relaxation

A simple prescription of a muscle relaxant for a few days can help reduce muscle spasm while the body settles down. This is particularly useful with acute 'flare ups'. Amitriptyline and Gabapentin can be useful tools to reduce symptoms of acute sciatica, back spasm or pain from a trapped nerve.

Nerve Pain 

Amitriptyline and Nefopam can also be prescribed for nerve pain.  These medications are prescribed for severe nerve pain such as sciatica, to calm the symptoms in the short term while the body heals. Acute severe pain can also be treated with stronger pain medication; low-dose-opiods and opiods, these include dihydrocodeine and other morphine derivatives.

NSAIDs - Non-Steriodal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

There are many anti-inflammatories that can help with acute pain. We need to ensure these do not damage the lining of your stomach wall however. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider using Omeprazole, or another similar medicine, to stop the over production of acid. This excess acid can cause bleeding in the stomach lining and ulcers. We always ensure this is discussed and prescribed with all long term NSAIDs prescriptions.

Joint injections - steroid - local anaesthetic - saline - hyaluronic acid

Tony is also qualified to prescribe the medication used for joint injections. Typically, this involves Corticosteroid and local anaesthetic. Tony Gill is a qualified injection specialist and ultrasonographer and combining all of his extended skills allows him to perform Ultrasound Guided Injections

Currently, Tony is the only Physiotherapist in Bristol to hold all of these extended scope practice skills.

Guided Injections

If you are suffering from acute pain or have a long standing problem and wish to discuss the role of prescription medication please book to see Tony Gill via the online booking page or with reception.

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