Injury Prevention

Helping you prevent injury and perform at your best

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Why trust Bristol Physio with your injury prevention?

Injury prevention is important for everyone, whether you are an avid gardener, weekend warrior or Olympic athlete. Bristol Physio can help keep you fit and well for the activities or sports you enjoy.


Muti-specialist care

In house Podiatrist and Biomechanical Specialist, MSK Specialist, Physiotherapists, Sports Injury Specialists.


Experienced Team

At least 7 years post graduate experience.


Holistic Approach

Bristol Physio takes a holistic approach when it comes to preventing injury so you can expect to discuss all aspects of your lifestyle as well as your chosen activity or sport in your Physio appointment. We consider your nutrition, sleep quality, footwear / sports specific equipment and exercise program.

Our injury prevention services

Physiotherapy Bristol


One of our experienced Physios will perform a thorough assessment, including joint range of motion, muscle strength testing, balance & flexibility.

Work Station Assessment

Work Station Assessments

A good work station assessment can help prevent headaches, eye strain, upper back pain, wrist pain and much more. They can also help you work more efficiently! Our expert assessors will check the measurements of your desk, chair and monitor and provide advice and exercises to keep you pain free.


Event first aid Bristol

Event First Aid

One of our main areas for injury prevention for sports teams. We offer expert advice on warm ups, cool downs, injury management and first aid.


Sports Injury Specialist Bristol

Sports Injury Specialist

We are experts in sporting injury so know a thing or two about preventing them! An assessment would include assessing your joint range of movement, flexibility and balance.


Personal Training Bristol

Personal Training

We also offer expert rehabilitation and personal training. Great for those wanting to get the best advice and get stronger in a safe controlled environment. The sessions will work on strength, core, balance, and proprioception to help you perform at your best.


Biomechanical Assessment Bristol

Biomechanical Assessment

A great way to assess your running technique or walking gait to ensure you are performing at your best. These sessions are run by our Podiatrist, Michael, and his expert advice can help keep you pain free and running better and quicker than ever.


How the injury prevention service works


Contact us via phone or email to book an assessment or book your assessment online


One of our experienced staff will perform an assessment and form a detailed prevention plan


Follow our advice & exercises to prevent injury and perform at your best