Ultrasound diagnostic investigation

ultrasound diagnostic investigation

Ultrasound diagnostic investigation

At Bristol Physio we have a musculoskeletal (MSK) specialist who is also qualified as a Diagnostic Ultrasonographer. This is the use of ultrasound to view the soft tissues in more depth and make a diagnosis with more clarity.

This is used instead of an MRI when the surface area to be assessed is smaller and the injury site is more superficial. Shoulder tendons and the plantar fascia of the foot are very common sites for ultrasound diagnostic investigation. Tony is able to perform this non-invasive procedure at our Clifton practice, please enquire for more information and for advice on pricing and booking in. Tony will occasionally require two appointments, one for assessment of your injury and suitability and one for the investigation.    

Ultrasound muscle

We are able to offer both investigation and diagnosis of common tendon and joint soft tissue problems. We can also organise ultrasound-guided injections when necessary. This is the use of ultrasound to guide a steroid injection into a joint capsule or tendon. Please see our guided injection page for more information on this topic and to see whether your injury is suitable for this treatment modality. This will require an initial assessment before the procedure can go ahead. Please also note that a steroid injection can interfere with Shockwave Therapy.  

Ultrasound Diagnostic Investigation service is invaluable for accurately diagnosing and assessing rotator cuff tears in shoulders for example. It can also help speed up referral to surgeons in a timely fashion and identify when steroid injections would help. Steroid injections can help to create a window of opportunity to treat stubborn injuries where pain is limiting rehabilitation.

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