Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage 


At Bristol Physio we can offer massage through all trimesters of your pregnancy and post natal too. We advise you to consult your GP or midwife before booking in for pregnancy massage if you have any concerns, particularly if you are experiencing morning sickness or have a high-risk pregnancy.

During the nine months of pregnancy, the human body goes through many changes to accommodate the baby and to prepare the body for labour. These changes can make things a little uncomfortable, whether it is lower back pain from the weight of the baby or pelvic pain from relaxed ligaments. Massage is an excellent way to help your body and mind cope with these changes.  

All of our appointments are around an hour long depending on your comfort and needs, we can work on a particular area or treat your whole body. Typically you will be treated in side lying and/or sat up - feel free to bring your favourite pillow or cushions for your comfort. 

Massage during pregnancy is fairly similar to 'usual' massage. Typically, the strokes are much lighter than sports massage and focus on problem areas. Our therapists are also more aware of good positioning of yourself and bump and will monitor your comfort. We will also give you advice on stretches, gentle exercises and self massage techniques. 

Pregnancy massage can help to:  

  • Reduce Cramping
  • Lower risk of Varicose Veins
  • Lower risk of High Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Stretch Marks
  • Relieve Sciatica
  • Induce Better Sleep
  • Promote Wellbeing
pregnancy massage.

Scar Tissue Management

All of our therapists at Bristol Physio have experience in scar tissue management. This is a type of massage that helps rejuvenate the skin and muscle. Scar tissue massage breaks down the congested scar tissue, promotes blood flow and nutrients to the area and increases collagen production.

Pregnancy Massage. Scar Tissue
Pregnancy Massage. Scar Tissue Management

This helps restore the elasticity of the skin and muscle fibres, leaving you with a less noticeable scar and more functional muscle tissue. Scar tissue management will be incorporated into your usual physio or massage treatment. We will also give you advice on self massage techniques.    

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We are also partnered with Ali Burlingham, who is a Holistic Core Restore and Women's Wellbeing Coach. Highly experienced and well qualified, Ali runs small group or 1:1 classes, based in Long Ashton - find out more about her fantastic programs here!

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