Work Station Ergonomics

Work Station Ergonomics. DSE Assessment

Work Station Ergonomics & DSE Assessement

DSE assessment (Display Screen Equipment ) & Work station Ergonomics fall under the same staff Wellbeing category.

All workers who do more than one continuous hour in front of a computer or other display equipment legally require a workstation assessment.  This is for all workers but if you or your staff complain of a sore back, achy shoulders, fuzzy hands and/or thumping headaches then having your DSA assessed is a priority not only to keep within the law but also to ensure for health and staff welfare

Even if a designated member of staff within your workplace has complete the company’s ergonomic checklist, and yet your desk and chair still don’t seem right this may well require a more specialist assessment.

The Bristol Physio team will look at you in more depth, using our extensive knowledge of the human body to assess you as an individual and not as a ‘one size fits all’.

We offer functional workstation and DSE assessment with a difference. The Physio will consider your history and what you do outside of work and apply it to how you may need to tackle any workstation issues. We understand not only what causes you pain, but how best to keep it at bay and get better.

Work Station Ergonomics

Our aim is to help prevent the most common work related injuries before they occur, these include:

  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD)
  • Headaches
  • Muscular tension

Initial DSE assessment for work station ergonomics will include: 

  • Gaining a comprehensive history including injuries, medical conditions and your lifestyle and work habits to get a holistic view of you.
  • We may ask you to perform some movements such as reaching above your head or bending from side to side to assess how your body moves.
  • Assess you sitting at your desk and how you interact with your surroundings.
  • Step by step adjustments of your set up explaining along the way why these should be applied.
  • Report explaining adjustments made and further recommendations on how to get the best use of your current facilities.
  • If required, a list of suggested equipment that could further enhance your situation.
  • Exercises specific to your case to relieve and/or prevent pain.

You may have a great workstation, with an expensive ergonomic chair, but if you’re not sitting in it properly, then it will just be wasted money.

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