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During your appointment our Physios will give you tailored exercises for your particular injury prevention and rehabilitation program. We will demonstrate, then check your technique and give you advice on number of repetitions and progressions. 

Here are a few of our favourite exercises for you to view in the meantime. For the full list of our exercise videos, please visit our YouTube Channel.

All Fours Roll Back

All fours roll back exercises have been adopted by the great Shirley Sharman -  a pioneer physio from the early days and at Bristol Physio we love this simple but effective exercise to help teach spinal control. Because this is a building block of movement (we nearly all start on all 4’s as babies to move) it is great for shoulder problems and for spinal problems. Tony Gill loves this exercise for back and shoulder problems.

Best Rotator Cuff Exercise

Lucky Cat exercise, found on our YouTube Channel, is one of the best rotator cuff exercises to 'switch on' the correct part of the cuff and reduce the overwork of the dominant deltoid muscle. Simple but effective, do not miss out on the subtle cues in the video for maximal effect.

Rotator Cuff External
Rotation Elevation

Rotator cuff external rotation elevation starts to increase the rotator cuff activation during arm elevation. This exercise has been used by Shoulder specialists throughout the UK to increase rotator cuff activation and is taught as a golden exercise on post graduate shoulder specialist courses in the southwest. http://www.southwestphysio.co.uk/

Side Step

Side step is a great functional exercise to get that gluteus medius firing and to understand hip and pelvis control. Great for those with a weak core, lower back pain and lower limb issues, this definitely makes it into our top 5 best exercises.

Founder Position

Tony Gill never stops learning new exercises! The introduction of posterior sling activation drives to the core of so many pains and dysfunctions. We love the Founder for back, shoulder and pelvic problems. It is a lot harder than it looks though- make sure you're not cheating with over arch of the lumbar spine!

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