Back Pain

Back Pain

The curse of the upright monkey!

Back pain affects many of us at some point in our life. This can be your lower back, middle back or upper back and your neck - at times you may even have pain, numbness or 'pins and needles' into either arms or legs. This is the same for an elite athlete just as much as an office worker; therefore, requires a dedicated and professional team to understand what type of symptoms you’re suffering from and the best ways to help you get over it and stay on top of it.

 It is also very important to separate 'simple' back pain - that can be extremely painful - to more serious presentations that sometimes have little or no pain but need urgent assessment. That's why we also advise you to go chartered with a specialist chartered physiotherapist with the experience to understand what you are suffering and how to help.


Here at Bristol Physio we have a wide variety of techniques and methods to improve your pain and dysfunction. This will start with taking a complete medical history, as sometimes simple alterations in your bad habits are the best way of stopping this from recurring, and will then move on to a full assessment of your symptoms and function.

Once we understand your symptoms and the aggravating factors we are able to tailor an individual treatment package for you. This will include a wide variety of treatment options ranging from joint mobilisation, posture alteration and manipulation to exercise, acupuncture, rehabilitation and deep tissue massage. These treatment modalities will aim to get control of your symptoms, get you moving and restore you to full function and lifestyle.

If you’re suffering from spinal problems don’t just put up with it. Let Bristol Physio assess and treat it as early as possible and Book Now.

Check out Tony's Blog on Managing Back Pain here! A great read with a LOT of useful information on where back pain comes from, what it's influenced by and lifestyle changes that can help!

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