Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage that is mostly focused on releasing tension and breaking down muscular adhesion brought about by physical activity or poor posture. Inter-training/maintenance sports massage is key to preventing muscle imbalance and injury. It is also used to treat those who spend all day driving or sat at a desk and get neck, shoulder or back pain as a result.

Muscle adhesions, also known as ‘knots’ commonly occur where there is greater demand or stress on that part of the muscle. During exercise, our muscle fibres tear – especially when pushing ourselves harder. The body then heals, producing stronger and additional muscle fibres. It is during this process that the fibres ‘glue’ together forming a tight bundle. It is often described as being similar to when cooking spaghetti and the strands clump together. This leads to an in-efficient muscle as the individual fibres are unable to fully contract or stretch out. Furthermore, blood flow to the area becomes restricted, reducing oxygen and nutrient delivery and removal of waste products. Sports massage can help undo these adverse effects.

Post-event/recovery massage (0-24 hours) can also be beneficial. The pressures applied are modified to provide a soothing effleurage to tired muscles. The aim is to flush away waste products through the promotion of blood and lymphatic flow. Fresh oxygen and nutrients vital for repair and replenishing are also brought into the muscle.

If you are not looking for physio treatment, then you may want to book in with one of our Sports massage Therapists. All of our physios are proficient in Sports Massage and may offer it as part of your treatment plan. A session with a Physio will only be a 40 minute appointment.

Sports Massage is priced at £48 for the hour session