Sports Massage Therapy

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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is a form of deep tissue massage that releases tension and breaks down muscular adhesions or 'knots'. This type of massage is performed by a sports massage therapist, sports therapists and physiotherapists.

See 'what makes it a sports massage' here

It is for everybody - not just the sporty people!

Why should I have it?

Improve Muscle Efficiency & Circulation 

Physical activity, driving, sitting or poor posture bring about adhesions and stiffness in the muscles and soft tissues. Circulation can also be compromised with inactivity, health issues and posture. Maintenance sports massage is key to prevent circulatory disorders, muscle imbalance and injury. The massage strokes are usually directed towards the heart to aid the natural venous return of blood to the heart. This promotes re-oxygenation of the blood and therefore subsequent oxygenation and healing of tissues.  This is turn can aid muscle contraction efficiency by removing waste products, realigning the muscle fibres and improving blood flow.  

Get Rid Of Aches & Pains

It is great for neck, back and shoulder aches and pains too! This type of massage is designed to really get into the tissues and make changes - rather than a purely relaxing spa/beauty/aromatherapy type massage. Perfect for people that prefer a firmer pressure and/or who have recurring muscle tightness, occupational loading or conditions that benefit from a deep tissue massage. The re-oxygenation of tissues lends itself to healing and recovery. Physical touch is also linked to temporary pain relief benefits and relaxation. The removal of waste products (CO, lactic acid, dead cells) reduces the likelihood of muscle related pain. Acupuncture is also a good option. 

Improve Certain Health Conditions

Some conditions can really benefit from a sports massage - the deeper massage provides circulatory, lymphatic and muscular benefits:

* Scoliosis, Back Pain 

* Circulatory Disorders (disability (e.g. cerebral palsy), wheelchair users, reduced mobility, age-related, MS, injury)

* Congenital problems/Disability (e.g. leg length discrepancy, hip dysplasia etc)

* Pre or post-operative

* Post-natal

* Injury

Improve Sporting Factors

Pre-event massage by a sports massage therapist can help muscle efficiency, pick up any niggles and provide a clearer picture on general muscle strength & condition. A course of massage before an event may also help with injury prevention and boosts recovery. Post-event/recovery massage (between 0 and 24 hours post event) is also beneficial. The pressure applied is modified to provide a soothing effleurage and lymphatic drainage to tired muscles. Post-event sports massage aims to flush away waste products through the promotion of blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Finally, fresh oxygen and nutrients are brought into the muscle which is vital for repair and replenishing. Check out our blog post on Sports Massage for the Active Person here

Compliments Physiotherapy 

Sports massage can also help compliment Physiotherapy treatment. It is an excellent adjunct to many other treatment modalities. Some patients can really benefit from a deep tissue massage in the areas surrounding and causing pain. Massage can also aid exercise technique and rehabilitation leading to improved outcomes.

What are adhesions?

Muscle adhesions commonly occur where there is greater demand or stress on that part of the muscle. Muscle fibres tear during exercise (you may feel DOMS the next day) and the body heals - producing stronger and additional muscle fibres. During this process the fibres can occasionally ‘glue’ together. This leads to inefficient muscles as the fibres are unable to fully contract or relax. Blood flow to the area is also restricted, reducing oxygen & nutrient delivery and the removal of waste products. Sports Massage and strengthening can help undo these adverse effects.



sports Therapist, Physiotherapist or Holistic Massage

If you are looking for specialists in this field (and not looking for a pure physio treatment (with assessment, diagnosis and rehab for an injury or disorder)) then you may want to book in with one our team (Sports Therapist or Holistic Massage Therapist) - Charlotte. She will perform a quick assessment, taking in your medical history, current issues etc. and may perform some diagnostic tests. She will also be able to offer diagnoses and all rehab advice you require. She and Kirsty (Our Holistic Massage Therapist) may also choose to refer you back to a Physiotherapist if they feel you need more assessment or advice. Their initial assessment and discussion with you will guide the session and help outline a program of exercises and follow up appointments. This will help ensure you are improving and have the self-management tools to keep you that way.  

Read more about the evidence behind Sports Massage here.


Our Physiotherapists are proficient in Sports Massage and may offer it as part of your treatment plan. You may book an appointment purely for Sports Massage with a Physio. A session with them will only be a 40 minute appointment; whereas, with our specialist therapists, a standard session is 60 minutes. Sports Massage is £50. See more about pricing here. You may also choose to have 30 minute appointments instead. Please call the clinic for more information and advice, we're are happy to help. 

WHat should i wear?

Be comfy! We need to get to skin ideally (over the clothes massage is an option, but you will not get all the benefits) - please wear either shorts or suitable underwear. Ladies, a usual bra with clasps at the back is preferred over a sports bra - as we will be able to undo and do this back up for you. We will leave the room for you to get undressed/dressed as needed or requested by yourself. Towels will be used to maintain decency and keep you at a comfortable temperature.  Please do tell us if you have any questions or concerns. Our massage lotions and wax are all natural and hypoallergenic. We use Naqui or Physique lotion or Songbird Massage Wax, please ask us if you need the ingredients list to check for allergens. 

 Please go online to book in or call the clinic for more information.

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