Here are a few testimonials from our many lovely patients, some we see only once or twice and others we see many many times!

I got referred to Bristol Physio for a problem with my back and I saw Tony for a few sessions. He was very helpful and I now know how to train and stretch the problematic area to stop problems in the future. After each session the pain was reduced significantly and I am very grateful for his help. Thank you!

Samantha Brown

“I am a long course triathlete with an aversion to stretching. Consequently I get a lot of niggles. Emma has been treating me for a number of years and always offers a professional service. Her treatments are thorough. She discusses the root of any issues, provides a treatment and a plan for aftercare. I am always impressed when Emma tells me about the many courses and seminars she attends as part of her own CPD. A first class service which I have no hesitation in recommending to others.”

A Beatles

“Emma helped me with lower leg pain in the lead up to a half marathon – enabling me to post a PB at Bath Half Marathon”

J Saunders

“I was extremely impressed by Emma’s professionalism, friendliness and positive approach to Sam’s ankle and hip problem. Her genuine concern in seeing an improvement gave Sam confidence to continue in his quest to overcome his foot pronation – he never let a night go by without going through his exercises! We were delighted by how quickly he improved and even if Sam is not able to enter the Ten Tours team this year we are sure that he will definitely be ready for next year. Emma’s enthusiasm and knowledge of working with young people was evident and we will not hesitate to recommend her to others. Many thanks.”

Lisa Harms

Being a professional performer (pole, silks, hoop, handbalancing and acrobatics) I am faced with a lot of injuries. Luckily for me I met Tony Gill through work. I now go to Tony at the first sight of any injury and he assesses it, treats it and gives me helpful advice to allow me to continue to perform. I really value Tony’s advice and expertise and as a qualified Sports Therapist myself I know how hard it is to come across someone as good at their job as Tony is.

Bendy Kate ... Professional Pole Dancer

“I went to see Emma with a stiff neck & shoulder, being unable to turn to my head to one side; after just one treatment, everything was mobilized again, plus I was sent away with some stretching to do, in order to help prevent a recurrence.”

Chrissie Waple ... Personal Trainer

As a sportswoman herself, Emma completely understood my motivation and the hard months of training to get to where I was before the injury. She did everything she could to get me to the start line and has followed this up with a long term plan to ensure that I stay in good shape. Thanks Emma – I can’t recommend your expertise and professionalism highly enough!”

Geoff Partridge

“I first came to see Tony a couple of years ago after experiencing a lot of pain in my arm and wrist. I had no idea what had caused this and had seen several professionals, none of whom could tell me what was going on. A friend recommended I go and see Tony and instantly he was able to provide me with a diagnosis- my desk job sitting at a computer all day with a bad workstation! This had caused my back muscles, shoulders and neck to tighten up creating neural hypersensitivity which was transmitted as pain down into my arm and wrist. He gave me exercises and taped my shoulders and taught me how to keep my back and upper shoulders stretched out to prevent this from happening again. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go on my rock climbing holiday but one trip to Tony and he had sorted me and told me to go and climb and have fun! As a rock climber, having my muscles in shape is essential and my sessions with Tony have helped me to maintain this.”

Emily Bednall ... Climber

“I have been referred to Tony for my ankle and have been impressed with Tony’s professionalism, knowledge and skill. He is very approachable and friendly and gives you every confidence that he’s going to give you the very best help. With the help of his useful ankles exercises and massages, I managed to improve my ankle stability and stay injury free since my first consultation. I also appreciated his honest opinion about whether I should consider an ankle operation and therefore put me in contact with the best ankle specialist in the UK. Thank you Tony!”

Lea Van Der Zwalmen ... First ever & current Ladies Rackets World Champion

“Andy was fantastic during our GB campaign for European Championships. He provided and cared for our needs as athletes during an intense period of training and competition. He helped deliver our pre-hab and performance enhancement and worked around the clock to see athletes on an individual basis morning, day, and night. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and can provide the support necessary for elite competition and training”

Stef Collins ... GB Women’s Basketball Captain

“In February of this year I had an extremely stiff and painful neck, with excruciating pain radiating down my right arm. My GP diagnosed cervicular radiculopathy referred me for secondary care, but as the waiting list was so long, she recommended that I might try Bristol Physio for treatment. Best advice I have had. Susie has been a very sympathetic and a tremendous help in treating me and alleviating my symptoms. She has adjusted my treatment and exercises, so that I am now completely pain free and back to all my activities. I am very grateful for her help in getting me back to normal, which I’m sure I would not have achieved without her expertise.

Martin Lynch, ... Swimmer