Sports Injury Specialists

At Bristol Physio we have a team of Physios and a Sports Therapist who have participated, and still participate, in a range of sports. We understand the hours of training that can go in to preparing yourself for an event - whether that event is the World Championships or your first 5km run - it matters to you so it matters to us.

We are specialists in sports injuries, performance and restoring your ability to participate and achieve.

The Bristol Physio team have all worked with professional and amateur athletes and therefore have specialist experience in dealing with acute injuries (injuries that have just happened), chronic injuries (injuries lasting more than 4 weeks) and all those little niggles. We will endeavour to find the root cause of the problem so that we can prevent re-occurrence and even maximise future performance. Our broad range of hands-on treatments will compliment your rehabili tation program, during which you will be educated about your injury and your body. We also work closely with sport injury consultants such as Stuart Miller who is the lead physician for the U.K. Para-Olympic team when a second opinion or further investigation is required. These local links are vital to ensure we are able to offer the highest level of service. 

Running Gait Analysis

Many running injuries are brought about by poor running technique, which can be as a result of muscle imbalances or insufficient muscle patterning. By combining what we see in a Physiotherapy assessment with your video analysis we can piece together a comprehensive management program.

Bike Fit

If your spending more time in the saddle and wonder why your your back, neck or knees hurt, it maybe because of something simple like distance from your seat to handle bars or your saddle is too far forward increasing the stress on your spine. A bike that is not set up for you individually can potentially lead to pain and reduced performance and power. At Bristol Physio we can have a specialists look at you and combine the information gained in an 'off-the-bike' assessment to ascertain if and where your bike may need adjusting. Our physiotherapist Simon Shepherd has written an article on training for cyclists.

Physiotherapy is not just for PAIN, but for PREVENTION and PERFORMANCE

Physiotherapy has long been used to screen individuals to identify areas of weakness and tightness. This information is then used to prevent the development of an injury and even increase performance. Bristol physio has many clients who pop in once a month for an ‘MOT’, where their problem areas can be checked, exercises progressed, and areas of tightness loosened. This enables them to keep on top of looking after their body and if their individual goals require, improve their competition performance.

Other specialist services that we provide, such as Sports Massage, Podiatry and Running Gait Analysis, will also aid in sporting performance. Our neighbours, Oakfields Personal Training, are also available to provide you with tailored strength and conditioning sessions. They are all highly experienced and will liaise with our physio team to develop a plan for you.

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