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Physiotherapy is the treatment and prevention of injury and disease. The practice of Physiotherapy aims to help alleviate pain, restore normal movement and increase performance. Physio helps you manage your symptoms and teaches long term self management in order to prevent further episodes. Whilst physical therapy is the central treatment, prevention of injury and disease encompasses whole body well-being. We take into account daily life factors including lack of sleep, diet, stress and previous trauma; all of which influence recovery.

We are experts in tailored exercise and physical activity advice. Physiotherapists also advise on day to day alterations you can make to prevent injuries that arise from poor posture and improper lifting technique for example. Exercises will be recommended to improve your general health & mobility and to strengthen specific parts of your body. We also use manual therapy techniques,  such as specific mobilisation and soft tissue release, to alleviate pain and restore movement. Book your appointment now either on online or via telephone or email

To find out more about what happens in an appointment, what to expect, physical assessment and treatments, please see here. We will always tailor an appointment to the individual, it may be we use different treatment modalities, exercise-only (rehab) appointments or a mixture of hands-on and rehab. 

Why Bristol Physio?

''Not your average Physio service!'' - We have several advantages over other clinics in Bristol, our main ethos is patient understanding and care. We will always strive to meet your needs and help you from a completely holistic point of view. We are specialists in physical well-being but will always treat you as a 'whole person' - 'you' are not your injury. Read on to find out more about us and what we offer:

Range of Individualised Treatment Options

Bristol Physio has a diverse range of treatment options. These include hands-on treatment, acupuncture, shockwave and exercise prescription. See here for a full list of our services. Individualised treatment sessions give you the best possible outcomes. We will never give you a standardised leaflet of exercises or 'one size fits all' program. Each case is carefully considered and discussed with the patient and their support network if required. A treatment plan and rehabilitation program will be agreed upon and will be flexible through the treatment process. We will take into account lifestyle, home life, work patterns and commitments. This will help guide the process to a mutual goal and get you back moving and living well. We take pride in our client’s success stories, knowing that our work makes a real positive impact on peoples' quality of life. To read some of the things our clients have said about us, check out our testimonials page and the google reviews on the page. 

Physiotherapy Experience 

All Physios working at Bristol Physio are chartered physiotherapists with a wealth of experience. Each member has a minimum of 7 years post graduation experience, most well over 10 years! A wide range of experiences from work in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa to different responsibilities in hospitals, care homes and GB teams - our team has seen it all!  For more information on our team members, the clinics and the expertise of individual therapists click here 

Up to Date, Evidence-Based Knowledge & Treatment

Our continued professional development (CPD) allows us to go the extra mile. We will always use the latest evidence-based treatments and protocols, based on expert clinical research. Our clinicians are encouraged to participate in CPD courses regularly through the year, and we have bi-weekly discussions to update the rest of the team on what we have learned. The clinicians also write our blog posts on their CPD courses - check them out here.

Unique Physio Qualifications

Perhaps most uniquely in private practice we have therapists qualified in Prescription, Ultrasound Imaging and Injection Administration. Tony is the only prescriber, joint injection administrator and ultrasonographer in private practice in Bristol. This is a unique service for Physiotherapy in Bristol and allows patients to be seen and treated more quickly by a specialist. We also have clinicians proficient in shockwave therapy, laser therapy, vestibular disorders and strength & conditioning to name a few. We always inter-refer when we feel the patient would benefit from a colleague's review and second opinion. This allows us to provide a service above and beyond that of a regular clinic. Our independent feedback and ratings on Google and Facebook show testament to this.

Value for Money

Lastly, we are able to provide enormous value for your hard earned money. Private Physio is a luxury item for most, but we feel it should be accessible to all. We provide expert advice and hands-on treatment when you need it, with appointments available on the same day. Discounts available for our local schools, clubs and colleagues. We keep it simple and offer 40 minute appointments -longer than the average follow up assessment time locally. We are able to provide clear, concise assessments and treatment in this time. No need for confusing appointment lengths or different prices - they are all the same for Physiotherapy. This leaves you free to focus on the important stuff. We are also covered by all major insurance companies - AXA, BUPA, WPA, CIGNA, AVIVA, NUFFIELD etc. See here to view our simple price guide for the different services available. 

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