Tony Gill – Physiotherapist

Tony Gill

Tony Gill – Physiotherapist

Tony Gill is a clinical specialist in the NHS in Musculoskeletal Medicine & Consultant Physio for the Jitsu Foundation. With over 15 years’ experience, he offers diagnosis & treatment for a wide range of problems. 

* He is a member of BESS (British Elbow and Shoulder Surgeons) 

* He also works as a Shoulder Specialist

Furthermore, Tony is a qualified:



Injection therapist

* Tony is also a Physiotherapy Tutor teaching shoulder assessment and treatment to qualified physiotherapists on a regular basis.

While Tony assesses and treats both simple and complex musculoskeletal problems of the whole body, he has been the shoulder injury specialist lead in the NHS for 10 years.

Tony also has a particular interest in complex pain.

His ability for example to offer Guided Injections, including hydro-dilatation injections for frozen shoulder, prescriptions of Diazepam for acute muscle spasm, Ultrasound to confirm tendon tear or rehabilitate a complex pain disorder make him incredibly versatile and uniquely qualified in Bristol to truly offer holistic care to all his clients.


Tony Gill. Shoulder Injury Specialist. Shoulder Specialist Bristol. Ju-Jitsu Bristol

A keen sportsman with over 20 years experience, Tony Gill is a 5th Dan in Ju-jitsu. He is also a keen cyclist, both road and mountain, with a Land’s End to John O’Groats under his belt, as well as addicted to snowboarding.

He also understands pain and injury from a personal perspective, due to having to rehabilitate from bilateral ACL knee operations and a further knee cartilage operation.

Finally, Tony passionately believes in clients having an active role in their rehabilitation. He has a combined hands-on & rehab approach to physio. This is reflected in his personal and professional approach to assessment and treatment.

Tony believes in treating the person and not just the injury. Whether you have a simple ankle sprain, a complex spinal disorder, an unstable shoulder or a postural problem he will tailor make a treatment program. This program will be personal to you to maximise your care and help you reach your goals.

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