Inga Rogers

Inga Rogers - Physiotherapist


Professional Training

Inga graduated with a BSc degree in Physiotherapy in 1977 from Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. She later obtained a post graduate certificate in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy in 2007 as she wished to specialise in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy (MSK).She has been participating on a regular basis in CPD programs and activities covering various topics of professional interest to broaden her knowledge and skills in physiotherapy practice. This has included course attendances, seminars and conferences as well as reading professional publications and sharing information with colleagues. The most recent training and skill obtained was on vestibular disorders and rehabilitation.


Inga applies her vast knowledge, her extensive experience over 30+ years as well as her sound clinical reasoning skills in delivering a professional physiotherapy service to her patients. She gained valuable experience working in hospital and outpatient settings as an all-rounder in general physiotherapy. This included geriatric physiotherapy in a retirement village. After completing her training in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy in 2007 she has focused on MSK physiotherapy. Her treatments cover:

  • Joint and muscle disorders including the head, spine, torso and limbs.
  • Acute and chronic pain conditions. 
  • Postural dysfunction, muscle imbalances and biomechanical irregularities.
  • Injuries - sport, non-sport, RSI, whiplash and other straining injuries.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation and post-illness reconditioning.
  • Vestibular and balance rehabilitation.

She has a holistic approach in assessing and understanding her client’s problems and needs to tailor appropriate treatment for optimum outcome.She encourages the clients’ pro-active participation in their recovery - educating and advising so that they can understand the problems and their own body better, self-manage and maintain their progress & recovery. 

Personal Interests & Background

Inga was born, raised and educated in South Africa, she emigrated to Bristol in 2009. She enjoys general outdoor activities such as spending time outdoors walking about locally, hiking and nature trails. She loves nature and wildlife as well as animal welfare. She has a strong personal interest in natural health and well-being. She has a favourite quote “Good Health is The Best Wealth”.

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