Equestrian – Physio for Horse Riders

As horse riders we are all guilty of paying more attention to the horse and its imbalances and stiffness’s, but what about us? What if we are causing the horse’s imbalance or stiffness by being asymmetrical? What if the horse cannot produce medium trot, not due to its own fault but due to our inability to half halt correctly to maintain their impulsion?

Equestrian Physiotherapy, Rider Performance and how to improve it is fast becoming the way forward. There are several ways to help your horse by helping yourself including off the horse exercises. Equestrian specific Pilates is certainly one of the best ways to become a mindful, supple, symmetrical and effective rider.

Emma Klijn is a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in musculoskeletal injuries, biomechanics and performance enhancement in a range of sports. She has been riding since year dot, thanks to her mother being a riding instructor! Emma has provided Equestrian Physiotherapy to horse riders of all abilities so whatever your experience it may be time to book your rider specific Physio session today.

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Emma has owned and ridden a range of horses over the years including youngsters and problem horses and has competed to Advanced level in Dressage and Novice in Eventing. She is now looking to combine her equestrian experience with her Physiotherapy knowledge to help others get the best out of their horses.

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